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Positive Press
1930 - Daily Mail
A vintage advert of Kleeneze brushes being advertised in the Daily Mail back in 1930.
Dec 2004 - Kleeneze Back on The Home Straight
The first-half turnaround accompanied a 4.9 per cent increase in sales from existing operations to £79.3m
July 1994 - Kleeneze Way to £3000 pay
A salesman is picking up an incredible £3000 a week from Kleeneze home products sold door to door
March 1995 - Mister Clean
Gavin Scott makes £100,000 a year selling Kleeneze
September 1996 - Kleening up the eze way
If you want to start your own business but don't have any ideas, cash in on someone else's
November 1996 - Cleaned out pair have cleaned up!
Bristol couple Chris and Wendy Mason-Paul hvae built up a multi-million pound business, just four years after they were heavily in debt
July 1997 - Dockyard worker to millionaire
Two former North-East shipyard workers claim they are earning more in a month than what they were paid in a year on the docks
August 1997 - New Broom Gavin Has Cleaned Up
Within three months I was earning £2,000 a month and I haven't looked back since
November 1998 - Making a Kleen Getaway
The couple are delighted to recieve the prize from Kleeneze, especially as they have recently qualified for an all expenses paid conference in Puerto Banus in Spain as well.
April 1999 - It Worked For Us!
Allan and I joined Kleeneze two years ago on a part-time basis. Prior to joining Kleeneze we had our own business for eight years.
May 1999 - A Special Message
A message from The Prime Minister The Rt Hon Tony Blair MP to the Direct Selling Association.
December 1999 - Empire is making millions
They'd already turned a £50 loan from John's father into a £5.7 million turnover in only two years by selling household products
Feb 2001 - G'day! We're off Down Under!
Koala bears and crocodiles are on the must-see list for a Birstall couple who have been rewarded for business success
May 2001 - Where there's muck, there's brass
No fewer than five holidays over the past 12 months and thinks nothing of spending £400 a time on herself during a trip to the shops
July 2001 - A life less ordinary with Kleeneze
Rob Forster from Ecclesfield, Sheffield, owns four cars, a beautiful show home and takes many International holidays a year
September 2001 - Ex-teacher cleans up
Ex-technology teacher Bob Webb expects to make between £350,000 and £400,000 this year and drives a BMW and a Porsche
December 2001 - The Real Achievers
I thought if they can do it and make so much money, then I can do it too. Now I earn £50,000 per month
December 2001 - Global Recession
People need income securityand many people will need the security net of a second income 
December 2001 - Testimonials
Gavin makes £100,000 a year selling Kleeneze
February 2002 - Clean up with Kleeneze
Mr Barnard leans towards a value investment strategy in search of long-term growth from stocks that do not find favour with the market.
August 2002 - Captain Kleen
Gavin makes £100,000 a year selling Kleeneze
August 2002 - Get The Message
Gavin makes £100,000 a year selling Kleeneze
April 2004 - Why has Kleeneze so much potential ?
Ever since I was 17, I have been looking for ways of making a success for myself. I've tried my hand at everything - party planner, financial consultant, door-to-door sales - but despite working 10 hours a day.
July 2005 - Avon Falling
Kleeneze has only 17,000 agents in the UK, Ireland and just opened Netherlands. of that 6,500 place orders every week. Hhow many streets are there in these Countries?
July 2005 - Kleeneze Did It For Bob
After 18 years as a teacher, Bob and his family were still living in a 2 bedroom terraced house, driving a 10 year old car and going nowhere fast.
July 2005 - Cottage Industry
It started out as a part-time job, but John and Sarah McKie's little earner has now become a £3.8 million business
Dec 2005 - Kleening up
CATALOGUE shopping firm KLEENEZE is giving away 11 new cars to its top distributors.
May 2006 - How dusters led to a 5-star break
A couple from Cheam have found true happiness after quitting their jobs in teaching and the health service to sell dusters, brushes and automatic egg toppers.
July 2006 - A visit to Kleeneze's Headquarters
Take a look at someone's experience of visiting Kleeneze's incredible H.Q. facilities and take a sneak peek of what happens behind the scenes.
July 2006 - Edward Ludbrook Industry Report
Will Kleeneze succeed in the new boom of Network Marketing in Europe?
August 2006 - David & Lynda Buchan
PETERHEAD couple David and Lynda Buchan have been invited to an international conference on the paradise island of Mauritius.
August 2006 - Podcasting keeps Pan-European sales teams ready for business
Kleeneze, the network marketing company, has unveiled a new online podcast resource to assist its 14,000 strong sales force in the UK, Ireland, Holland and Germany.
September 2006 - Brave Kleeneze Fundraiser
A KEEN cyclist from Waltham Cross, who sells cleaning products from the back of his bike, pedalled from his home town to Paignton in Devon for two good causes.
October 2006 - Podcasts to help Kleeneze Agents
Kleeneze’s Marketing Manager said, ‘iceni’s podcast website has become a vital resource for accessing training and testimonials from the Kleeneze networks stars.
October 2006 - The Rewards of hard work
We applied to be Kleeneze distributors after seeing an ad in The Hunts Post.
October 2006 - Findel PLC aquires Kleeneze
The acquisition of Kleeneze provides Findel with a further strong home shopping brand, with considerable potential for integration.
October 2006 - Home shopping firm spends £34m in deal
Findel acquired Kleeneze along with other businesses, which were part of the group comprised of European Home Retail and its subsidiaries, from the administrators or administrative receivers.
March 2007 - Amtrak wins Kleeneze contract
Amtrak will be delivering about 5,500 parcels a night following collection from the Kleeneze distribution centre near Bristol.
May 2007 - Questor says hold
This arm has seen significant growth rates, particularly boosted by online sales, although it still posts more than 3m mail order catalogues a year.
May 2007 - Revamped Findel upbeat on outlook
Home Shopping sales from ongoing businesses increased 29% to £338m over the year, with operating profit increased 29% to £48.4m.
May 2007 - Findel FY underlying pretax profits up
LONDON (Thomson Financial) - Findel PLC, the home shopping and educational supplies business, has reported an expected 10 pct increase in full year underlying pretax profit.
May 2007 - Canne-do couple clean up with Kleeneze
Forres couple Karen and Trevor cook share their Kleeneze success story, as featured in the Forres Gazette.
June 2007 - Working Hard
Malvern couple have a dream trip of a lifetime, thanks to Kleeneze!
July 2007 - Kleeneze - A new way of life
A genuine network marketing business opportunity!
August 2007 - From rags to riches
Peter and Claire Rea featured in Woman magazine.
October 2007 - Ex-soldier Ramon Kleens up
Ramon and Sylvia Laing make over £4,000 a month in Kleeneze and have built a great business for themselves.
January 2008 - Prestige position for distributor
A PETERBOROUGH businessman has secured a prestigious position with a national franchise business after seven years of success.
February 2008 - Jean and Mike Day
The Mirror features Jean and Mike Day and shows how they have achieved great success in Kleeneze.
February 2008 - Steve Johnson and Rosemary Rowntree
This couple achieved great success by working their Kleeneze business, take a look at this great story.
September 2008 - Pair off to a good start up
Today, Eamon and Marie live in a five-bedroom detached house, have two holiday homes in France and drive two top-of-the-range sports cars.
September 2008 - Holiday win after success in business
The Kleeneze incentive scheme rewards excellent performance and the Constables will be joined in Vienna by 100 other successful distributors.
January 2009 - I have freedom to do what I want, when I want, with catalogue sales I love the fact that somebody could join my team today and with the knowledge I have I could help those people achieve whatever they want.
February 2009 - Kleeneze strikes gold in recession
Kleeneze, the UK’s most successful and established direct selling company, reported not only an 11 per cent increase in retail sales in December 2008.
Kleeneze press release - January 2008
Kleeneze press release - March 17th 2008
Kleeneze press release - April 2008
Kleeneze press release - May 8th 2008
Kleeneze press release - June 13th 2008
Kleeneze press release - September 19th 2008
Kleeneze press release - September 23rd 2008
Kleeneze press release - October 10th 2008
Kleeneze press release - November 21st 2008
March 2009 - Take control - Earn extra cash!
Featured in the March 26th edition of Milton Keynes Business Citizen magazine

Alison and Michael Ogden - Alison was an Army officer for 21 years and Michael worked in international banking for 30 years.
Andy Stevenson and Claire Branch - We both worked in the City of London for 8 years before joining Kleeneze.
Bill Deakin and Cressy Chapman - A young Cornish couple who refused to move out of the county to seek their fortunes have built a business with a turnover well in excess of £100,000 in just 18 months.
Carol Stephens - Carol Stephens is the daugher of John and Hazel Stephens, who are another Kleeneze success story.
Carl and Petrova - They joined Kleeneze in June 2004 after a car accident lead to a resignation from a full time job.
Carol Jakar - Carol was a teacher in Bolton for nearly 20 years. She then got the opportunity to work abroad for two years in a Third World country.
Carol Stephens - Carol Stephens is the daugher of John and Hazel Stephens, who are another Kleeneze success story.
Dave and Anne Pemberton Smith - We were working hard in our jobs as a Postman and Bar Manager but did not have any spare cash.
Dave and Melanie - I joined the business 3 years ago, however after just 3 months I had to take a year out of my Kleeneze business due to my Full time job requirements.
Dave and Susie Horton - We had never heard of Kleeneze when we were introduced to the opportunity after a run of poor sales in our shop.
David and Megan Saville - I joined Kleeneze in October 2003 just after I had given up my own carpentry business, to have the time to stay at home as a part-time Carer for my mother.
Eamon Lynch & Marie Ryan
We have worked Kleeneze for the last 11 years and for 10 of those years it was our only source of income.
Eileen and Frank Longcake - We simply did not have enough money left at the end of each month to enjoy our leisure time with our children.
Gary and Esther Watson - Former factory worker and receptionist.
Gerald and Lynne Longman - We started Kleeneze in 2003 as my wife and I had just returned to the U.K. from South Africa after 21 years of a fantastic life and lifestyle.
Heather and James Oneil - Like a lot of people I joined Kleeneze to earn an extra £200 per month to help with ever increasing bills and for a few extra luxuries.
Ian and Lorraine Balcombe - Lorraine & I started our Kleeneze business in June 2001, after spending many years working in the licensing and restaurant trade.
Ian Deavin and Lesley Whiteman - We run our Kleeneze business very much part-time, around Ian's job and our baby daughter, Rosie.
Isla and Chris Dean - We have been in Kleeneze since the summer of 1999. We are ex-market traders who originally joined to earn £50 - £60 per week to supplement our income.
John and Hazel Stephens - At the age of 15, John had followed his father to sea, first as a deckhand, then as a Mate and for the last seven years as Skipper.
John and Sarah McKie - Our cheque for this period was £7,754 and with our £2,000 Silver SED bonus makes £9,754. A record income for us.
Lauren and Peter Jackson - Lauren Jackson started Kleeneze part time while working full-time as a teacher.
Leon Lawrence - I have been building my kleeneze business part-time along my job in London which demands 55hrs per week (including commuting).
Lisa Van Eijsden - In period 3 of 2006 Lisa van Eijden hit the 1e Bonus level. Lisa started on 4 January 2006 with Kleeneze and she is very enthusiastic about Kleeneze.
Lorna and Alma Bryan - My name is Lorna Bryan & my mother Alma, joined me doing Kleeneze at the beginning of this year.
Lorraine Sharpe - I have attached my cheque, this is my only my 2nd cheque, I have been with kleeneze for 10 weeks!
Mel and Irene Wilson - My income has grown steadily since I joined this magic business and it now continues to rise whether I work as much as I used to or not.
Nuala and Martin McDonald - I “stumbled” across Kleeneze 10 years ago and previously had never heard of Network Marketing or Kleeneze!
Paul and Ailsa - Paul no longer works for a living making someone else rich. All it takes is commitment and time!
Peter and Claire Rea - Peter and Claire with their free 3 series BMW.
Rob Forster - The toys you can buy from Kleeneze is amazing. Rob Forster used to work in the shipyards of Wearside.shipyards which are now shut.
Rosemary Rowntree and Steve Johnson - Our story begins in 2001 when we were in England on an extended visit from Canada.
Seamus and Clare Houghton - Seamus is cleaning up in new career.
Shelly and Keith Cohen - We were first shown the Kleeneze opportunity in 1994 but we dismissed the concept as a scam.
Steve and Debbie Roper - We joined Kleeneze in the summer of 1999 and by working the proven system on a part-time basis.
Steve and Deborah Nell - We joined Kleeneze in June 1998. We had no previous experience of networking.
Steve Geldard - When I started the business as a single dad I needed flexibility to spend quality time with my children.
Steven Curtis and Sarah Kellow - We joined Kleeneze 8 years ago.
Sue and Geoff Burras - Sue originally came into the business just to earn an extra £200 a month to help finance her horses.
Sue and Steve Ferguson - The cheque you see below is what we earn in 28 days, not bad for someone who’d never heard of Kleeneze or Network Marketing.
Team Titans Cheques May 2006 - I remember when Ram had just joined Kleeneze and said if I could show him how to earn just £600 per month!
R & D Ludlow - Above is our first cheque in the business and was achieved for about fifty hours work..
Paul Meikle - Here is Paul Meikle with Edward Ludbrook getting his top PSG award for top PSG period 4 2006.
Paul Tonkin - After being laid off from work as a bathroom fitter, I decided to go full-time with Kleeneze.
Mr and Mrs Lootsma - An incredible success story from the Netherlands. See how well the Dutch ar edoing in Kleeneze! They are really starting to fly!
Carl and Petrova - Two distributors go Gold and share their success story.
John and Wendy English - The Kleeneze opportunity has completely changed our outlook on life, by working consistently we know we can achieve all our goals both monetary and personally.
Carol Jakar - Carol was a teacher in Bolton for nearly 20 years. She then got the opportunity to work abroad for two years in a Third World country.
David and Megan Saville - I joined Kleeneze in October 2003 just after I had given up my own carpentry business, to have the time to stay at home as a part-time Carer for my Mother.
Tony and Kate Briffa - When Tony started Kleeneze he was earning £1,000 a week from his chauffer business and built up Kleeneze on a part-time basis.
Lisa Newman and Ricky Parker - "Our sponsors told us, that if we did as they said and followed the system we could not only, make back the money we spent on set up cost in 4 weeks but that we could be in profit."
Tracy Addison - Tracy celebrates going GOLD!!
Gary and Esther Watson - The couple share their success with us and show the rewards they have achieved with a brand new sports car and a new 6 bedroom home!
Rachel Bradley - I was first shown the Kleeneze Opportunity in 2003 and started it part-time around qualifying to work with children.
Karen and Trevor Cook - "Our upline support is excellent, seeing our potential as well as us seeing the big picture of this business opportunity."
Keith and Shelley Cohen - Our income has steadily grown to become a serious income, an income that one day will be enough to seriously change our lives!
Various Testimonials (September 2006) - Here is a selection of successful Kleeneze distributors sharing their stories and showing their proof of earnings with Kleeneze.
Carrie Muir - "Ex-teacher gives up £50k p/y I.T. job to become a highly successful distributor in Kleeneze."
Leigh Macdonald - Kleeneze has enabled me to be at every school event for my children and the income has meant I don't have to go out to work but can be here to see them grow up.
Arlene Ross - Kleeneze has enabled me to be at every school event for my children and the income has meant I don't have to go out to work but can be here to see them grow up.
Mr and Mrs Macgilvray - Kleeneze has enabled me to be at every school event for my children and the income has meant I don't have to go out to work but can be here to see them grow up.
Rich Radbourne and Yvonne Kirk - Kleeneze has enabled me to be at every school event for my children and the income has meant I don't have to go out to work but can be here to see them grow up.
Mr and Mrs Collins - Kleeneze has enabled me to be at every school event for my children and the income has meant I don't have to go out to work but can be here to see them grow up.
Paul James - This month we start are first 4 weeks full - time with Kleeneze and with Christmas coming up who knows what sales we could make and with any luck in 2 or 3 years we will have that Ferrari!
Jo and Gary Charleston - I am an ex-nanny and ex-Driving instructor. After trying to find a job that would fit around two small children and a back complaint I came across Kleeneze.
Allan and Elaine Moffat - Kleeneze has improved our lives beyond belief and it just keeps getting better!
Helen and Paul Allgood - Helen and Paul Allgood were top retailers in Period 13
Mavis Lesley - Mavis is 68 years young going on 28! One of her Dreams was to own a Jaguar! NOW IT IS SIMPLY a GOAL thanks to Kleeneze!

David and Marie Jeanne - Our next Kleeneze goal is to replace all of Marie Jeanne’s income, so she doesn’t have to return to work.

Steph Rigby & Neil Gove - Neil and I retailed over £1200 in our first two weeks and received a cheque for £342
Craig & Magdalena White - Craig dream was to get a Porsche 911 Turbo and now he has it with Kleeneze and not even 30 years old!
Linda Richman - Being able to take holidays at a time of my choice is something I am really looking forward to when I give up my “day” job!
Various cheques November 2006 - Here are a selection of high earners cheques, including one from a pair of pensioners in their sixties!
Simon and Dawn Morris - Two years into the business I was able to drop my full time hours to part time hours and after another year I sacked my boss.
Various Dutch Testimonials November 2006 - From Kleeneze distributors in Holland, sharing their success stories.
Carole and James Sunter - They both quit their factory day-jobs and joined Kleeneze, now they are earning £2500 a month and more as time goes on!
Various Distributors Testimonials - Here are some inspiring testimonials from various distributors throughout the UK.
Nigel Sue and Clare Hawkins - Find out how Kleeneze has helped this family succeed.
Bob Webb - Top Kleeneze PSG - Bob Webb recieves his award for being the top Kleeneze PSG in November 2006, it has never been a better time to join Kleeneze, find out why.
Sue Phoenix - Sue Phoenix is yet another Kleeneze success story, and here she talks about her involvement in Kleeneze and how she has made the business work for herself.
Gary and Sandra Dodd - "In Period 12 2006 we went GOLD……It was all worth it!"
David Smith - David Smith is an ex-forklift driver who joined Kleeneze and become top retailer in period 13 2006!
Peter and Jackie White - Wow! An amazing lifestyle show here as a group of Kleeneze's top earners have a break together skiing and visit Peter and Jackie White's new home in Spain!
John and Cath Wilkinson - John and Cath a fine example of how Kleeneze works for so many distributors. Take a look at their recent earnings and see how they made it with Kleeneze.
Steve Geldard and Cathy Brookes - We have now joined together in Kleeneze and our business is flying, we have a fantastic team, which turned over almost 2 million pounds in 2006.
Ram and Sylvia Laing - Pictured at the Northeast Kleeneze Millionaires training day.
Jean Day and Jackie White - A great way to get people to join is to re-mail people, for 5 years Jean day said no to Kleeneze.
Tineke Lootsma and Natalie van Straten - Lets see who are going to be the top retailers in Kleeneze in Holland and Germany this period, be a leader and set a example to your Kleeneze team.
Mark and Sue O'Reilly - The reason we started our Kleeneze business was simply to earn an extra £50 per week to pay for a holiday to Bali and Hong Kong.
Toby Acton - Here are the pictures of Toby Actons dream car that he bought with his earnings from Kleeneze. Another classic example of how Kleeneze can help make people's dreams come true.
Peter reviews the new Enlite Weight Loss System - In this amazing testimonial, Peter trials the new Enlight weight loss system with incredible results. Read his incredible story!
Heather, James and Liam - Kleeneze really can make everyones dreams come true as long as they are prepared to work at it & put the effort in.
Leon Lawrence - Leon has gone on to achieving an all expenses paid conference in Budapest and has achieved cheques topping £2K!!!
Chris and Jacqui Hill - "People join Kleeneze for lots of different reasons, and for us initially it was extra income, and extra £30-£40 every week for a bit of fun money."
Melanie and Gordon Booth - Then we found Kleeneze. Here was a business we could grow with very little overheads, that could produce a healthy wage.
Margaret Law - My goal now? To earn enough money from Kleeneze so I do not have to go back to my stressful job.
Ben and Natalia Wall - "We recently started our own business through the Kleeneze opportunity. We are loving it.
Eilis and Paul Wright - I decided to join Kleeneze in February 2007, to utilise some of my spare time spent at home with my young child.
Suzanne Pilcher and Richard Tibbetts - The couple work Kleeneze on a very part time basis, around 15 hours a week and they are having great success.
Jeane Armstrong Working Kleeneze part-time, Jeane is 67 years young and enjoying her life and a nice income
Steve and Laine Shepherd The couple joined Kleeneze and enjoy success after their pub business declined.
Jamiyansuren Damdinsuren - Great success from the first Mongolian distributor!
Mr and Mrs Haddow - Pictured at the Southern Millionaires meeting July 15th.
Mr V FordPictured at the Southern Millionaires meeting July 15th.
Derek Telfer - Derek shares his Kleeneze story after being left disabled after a vicious attack.
Various disabled distributorsA selection of success stories from various disabled Kleeneze distributors.
Lou SimsLou , a disabled mother of 4, shares her success in Kleeneze as one of the top retailers in the business.
Linda CanningsIn the last 3 weeks alone, I have accumulated another 80 customers and I have another two drops to do for these new areas!
Mandy Foskett - At the end of that first month I found that I had only failed at one thing: I had failed to prove to myself that the business didn’t work!
Tina JessopEveryone I have spoken to connected with kleeneze have been helpful & supportive making this part time business stress free
Mel and Irene WilsonMel and Irene are featured here in the Daily Mirror, August 13th 2007, and are looking forward to a comfortable retirement thanks to Kleeneze.
Steve and Pam Reece Kleeneze really works, take a look at the amazing boat that Steve and Pam Reece have bought with some of their Kleeneze earnings.
Jason Faughnan - Jason Faughnan shares his success story in Kleeneze and qualifies for the fantastic trip to Marrakesh.
Daniel and Michell Marshall - This year the extra income from Kleeneze has allowed us to move from an ex-council, 3 bed mid terraced house to this 4 bed detached new build.
John and Michaela Irvine - The result was over 1500 Euros worth of orders, with a net profit of over 300 Euros! 
Sammy - 75 years young and an inspirational Kleeneze success story.
Jun Li - Take a look at Jun's success here, massive personal sales figures!
Darren and Leanne Chester - Read Darren and Leannes success story.
Eunice Marie Eunice Marie (66 years old) in her first four weeks she made an extra £526!
Jun Li - Take a look at Jun Li, he has retailed all his way to Gold part-time!
Craig and Magdalena White - Read about their fantastic achievements in Kleeneze!
Carolyn and Paul Blaxall - Read about this couples success in Kleeneze and find out how it has changed their lives.
Geoff Ault and Alison Beal - This couple have made a great income from Kleeneze, see how much they are earning!
Helen and Paul Hallatt - Helen and Paul are top PSG Period 1 2008, take a look at their great story!
Elizabeth and Douglas Benton - Both in their 70's, they have built and income that pays their bills.
Andy and Ellie - This couple share their story and tell us how Kleeneze has helped them to achieve their success.
Ken Rogan - This disabled college student is heading towards building a successful team in Kleeneze and has already started to earn money!
Lynette and Ian - See how this couple are earning a real income from Kleeneze.
Mr and Mrs Satchell - We are currently at the Senior level and the highlight so far has been qualifying for the European Conference in Prague!
Mega Story - The a, b, c of Kleeneze.
Top sponsors - See the successful top sponsors of period's 3 & 4 (2008)
Mike and Emma Williams Mike and Emma have built a nice residual income that relieves their financial pressures, read their story.
Karen Madej- Karen Madej follows the Kleeneze plan and succeeds, read her great story.
Barbara Fernandez - Barbara's first cheque was £250, and after six months – still part time doing 10 hours a week – my income jumped massively!
John Hawkes - Our average gross income for the last 7 years is £159,000 per annum.
Peter and Claire Rea - Take a look at the fantastic new cars that Claire and Peter Rea have earned in their Kleeneze business.
Nigel and Jean Gillson - We can’t help but wonder, now 1 year into the business, what our lifestyle would be like if we had joined Kleeneze back in 2007!
Annette Massink - This Dutch distributor has become a great success in Kleeneze.
Saskia van Hiele
Ana en Artur Charrua
Pieter van Arum
Corrie Hendriks
Heather, James and Liam - Take a look at pictures taken of their fantastic holiday in Niagra Falls, a mega Kleeneze lifestyle!
Jason Faughnan -This is the second car Kleeneze has allowed me to buy,which is brilliant for a guy who just over 3 years ago was unemployed.
Graham and Anne Curwen -In October 2007 we received 3 free retails kits from Kleeneze for being an active distributor generating over 400BP in 11 periods out of 13.
Neale Lay and Lisa Adkins -Neile & Lisa joined Kleeneze just over a year ago their first cheque was £231.98 for their first 3 weeks in Kleeneze.
Sue Phoenix -Sue Phoenix goes GOLD with Kleeneze!
Steve and Margaret Garton -Steve & Margaret have just qualified as Gold Distributors, just have a look at the increase in their cheque over the last two periods.
Lena and Dima -Lena and Dima Morrish top retailer period 11 November 5th 2008 in the Kleeneze Terrier group.
Jason Morris -I joined because I simply saw the whole of the bigger picture at once – the flexibility and freedom of time.
Elaine Browning -Elaine joined Kleeneze in early Sept through the “HELP WANTED” slip in the front of one of Liz’s catalogues.
Chris and Jacqui Hill - We've just received our highest 4-weekly income fro the Period ending 27th November, 2008, and have in fact DOUBLED our income over the previous 4 weeks!
Jennifer and Paul Jacobs - In 2009, we are looking to move our business on, by putting more energy into our team-building, and aim to qualify for the 2010 International Conference. 
Di and Marc Webster - Team building is the best way to go, but not the only way, to a more than decent income.
John Greenwood - I decided I needed to find something to supplement my pension and fortunately I was introduced to Kleeneze.
Paula and Marc Noordhoek - First goal is that Marc can sack his boss. After that we are going to build a massive organisation where we can help others to achieve their dreams.
Sheelagh and Paul Humphries - Period 12 personal retail 4618 points.
Anne and Sean McHugh - Lapland dream come true.
Paul Towler - The Certificate of Income shown below is the official Kleeneze payment for the 4 - week period.
Sam and Dean - We joined Kleeneze in March 2007 to earn a bit of extra money whilst at university.
Kate Warman - I started my Kleeneze business in July 2008 after not having worked for about 8 years.
Heather. James and Liam - Kleeneze takes Heather, James and Liam to a fantastic holiday in Hong Kong.
Mr and Mrs McCaul - Within 4 months within Kleeneze I went from 15% to Gold and earning 2 ½ times my previous income.
Anthony MervinI am now processing orders of over £6000 in a 4 week period!
Suzzanne Pilcher and Richard TibbettsLike so many others we started with Kleeneze for just an extra £50 a week to help get rid of our debt.
Heather and James O'Neil - Heather and James O'Neil picking the trophy up from Rob Forster training meeting yesterday 18th of January 2008.
Dave and Laura Braybrooke - Dave and Laura start out with Kleeneze and share their success story.
Katrina Harvey and Ian WinstanleyKleeneze recognise & reward you at every step – in September 2008 we were recognised on stage in front of approx 5000 people for achieving “Gold Distributor” status.  
Ms LeeI now have a large customer base of which I am very proud and over the past few months have been laying down the foundations for my team building.
Julie Cotton and Neil TomkinsonKleeneze changes your life - it’s a lifeline in a credit crunch world.
Debbie GeeDebbie has also been on luxury trips to Sydney, Rio and soon, New York - Kleenezes reward for her success.
Mark and Caroline SellarsThis is a FANTASTIC opportunity, don’t miss out on it. Anyone can do this.
Jerome and Nikki NevilleThe Kleeneze business is so flexible that we have been able to run it purely at our own pace and very much part time.
Mr and Mrs LomasKleeneze offers foreign conferences, beautiful cars and cash bonuses, Kleeneze is recession proof.
Emma LambWithin 4 weeks I also hit a bonus level that is 10% extra paid into my bank!
Kleeneze Club Med2 2009What a trip!!
Elizabeth Mousley - At the end of my first week I had got nearly £400 worth of sales which made me £80!
James and Vicky Holmes - We have seen our income rise from £283 in the first month to £750+ per month, and £880 in Feb 2009.
Vicky Bradley and Craig Austin - We have recently gone full time with this business as I’m now my own boss with all the help and support we need to build our business.
Sarah and Brett Clark - I am so glad we came across Kleeneze and in just a few months it has made an impact on our lives.
Mark Law - This business is so very simple and most importantly it is an equal business.
Chrissy Sykes - I never anticipated that Kleeneze would change my life but it certainly has.
Phil Lowe and Helen Kolbusz - We have set our targets high and have decided that we WILL be going to Cape Town next year!
Angela and Paul McGuiness - Our target is to earn £6000 by the end of the first year.
Tracey Burton - Tracey shares her Kleeneze success story.
Steve and Debra Dell - Featured in the news, Steve and Debra Dell describe their positive experience in Kleeneze.
John Greenwood - I now earn over £1,000 per month on a part time basis.
Rob and Christina Cann - We now believe that we can achieve whatever we want and be successful.
Jeff Mann - Jeff Mann and his partner now enjoy a successful business with Kleeneze.
Sylvia and Gary Green - We are now working a 5 year plan with our team to help us gain the financial independence we want.
Bobby and Lucie Bouchaud - In the last eight weeks we have introduced 13 new distributors which has helped our income grow from £256 in May to £1,036 in June.
Basil and Ellen Ferguson - We are now looking to grow our customer base and look for others who would like to earn that extra £50 per week.
Jack Kirby - I have been lucky enough to qualify for 5 star all expenses paid trips to Athens, Vienna and a Caribbean Cruise with a Vauxhall Corsa thrown in for good measure!
Mauro Vieira - I have been lucky enough to qualify for 5 star all expenses paid trips to Athens, Vienna and a Caribbean Cruise with a Vauxhall Corsa thrown in for good measure!
James Holmes - ames Holmes income has grown in the last 4 months to nearly £1400 a month with Kleeneze.
Paul and Elaine Evans - Paul and Elaine Evans earned £376 in their first 4 weeks by working just a few hours a week.
Mauro Vieira - Mauro recieves his award for making top retailer period 7 in 2009.
Linda Cannings - My goals have now been set and I aim to retail £1,000 per week and build a team.
Mauro Vieira - More fantastic success from Mauro Vieira who recieves his prestigious Kleeneze award.
Georgie Marshall - Having just reached the gold distributor level in P2 2009 and our 4wkly cheque was £1,516.00
Dean Worrall and Samantha Rushton - We achieved our goal in April 2009 with a turnover of over £9000 which gave us a cheque of just over £2000!
Jo and Martin Vale - I’ve now been in the business 7 weeks and received my first cheque in period 8 I retailed £1053.00!
Claire Haines - I delivered 7-8 hundred catalogues in my first week and earned £175!
Tony and Muriel Judson - The couple now have an annual turnover in excess of £3 million and an income of £100,000+ a year
Duncan Lowe - I started my Kleeneze business after being made redundant from my engineering company. 
Katie and Mark Johnson - “Our goal was to be Gold distributors by the end of July, which we achieved, and
in the process of one month completely replaced Mark's earnings as a computer
Kate and Stewart Brunskill - We were given a lot of support and advice from successful people, and started to see our business and income grow.
Helen Kendall & Penny Kelham - In our first few weeks we made our 10% bonus and 3 months’ later reached 13% and earned £359.90.
Ralph Horton - I started with 200 catalogues and retailing £200+ earning £50+ a week from the very first 4 week period.
Sarah Green - Now with my income increasing every month I am working towards qualifying for an overseas conference – fully paid for by Kleeneze.
Sue and David Allen - During their first month Sue and David achieved their goal to hit the 10% bonus level achieving almost £900 in sales with a welcome extra income of over £240.
Tony & Christine Wallis - We have now started to build our own small team which is very rewarding because we can share our good fortune with others.
Ajit and Chaitali - We now earn over £2000 regularly every 4 week which is financing our mortgage and the private school fees of our twin daughters.
Amanda and Leo - By the end of our third month we had certainly realised the financial potential of Kleeneze.
Fay and Andrew Roe -  Within 3 years we qualified for all expenses paid conferences with Kleeneze to Monaco and Australia.
Jess Clements and Chris Strutt - We know we will succeed in this business, and we are aiming to qualify for the all expenses paid Conference in October.”
Samantha Drew and Jamie Whitaker - I have quit my job and we plan to be able to sack Jamie’s boss as well, in the very near future.
Simon and Ruth Tallon - We are now starting to build our own team so that we can help people like us to achieve their goals and dreams.
Kathleen Murtagh Byrne - Last week I dropped over 100 catalogues and I got €865 in orders (I have to type this as you can’t hear me but YEEHAW) To say I’m thrilled is an understatement!
Alan and Chris Rockey - In many ways, I wish I had had such an opportunity when I was out of work for some fifteen months.
Katie and Bryan Allnutt - The potential for earning is endless, determined by the amount of effort you put into your business.
Emily BateIn my first 4 weeks, I had reached my 10% bonus and had introduced someone else!
Fran and Simon - You have fantastic support in Kleeneze from the group to get to wherever you want to be.
Ian Wakefield - I have now been involved for 2 years and am enjoying both the freedom I have to work when I want and also help others to achieve what they want.
Alison Gordon-Farleigh - I am now building my business, seeing my team and income grow as a reward for the effort that I have put in.
Graham Rees - That was July 08, and in August I was in receipt of my first £220, and four weeks later a further £316.
Harpa Eiríksdóttir and Gunnar Reynisson - This job also allows us to spend the summer in Iceland, it is not easy to find a job that gives you the opportunity to followyour dream and meet so many great people.
Helen & Simon Fogwill - Period 4 saw us achieve 13% bonus level and to top it off we were awarded the Rhino Group ‘Distributor of the month’
Jan Perry - With the support of my sponsors I am achieving my goals and can see a way forward.
Karen Lewis - Kleeneze is so versatile it has enabled me to do both jobs and I am also entitled to claim my working family tax credits alongside!
Michelle Leverick - Within my first 3 weeks I collected £680.00 worth of orders!
Sarah Calver - The flexibility suits my family commitments and I am looking forward to watching my business grow.
Raymond Whittaker - The flexibility suits my family commitments and I am looking forward to watching my business grow.
Laura and Les Ward - The flexibility suits my family commitments and I am looking forward to watching my business grow.
Dave and Mary Freeman - Kleeneze for me is great, I am my own boss and the exercise is great and I can earn whilst doing it!
Petra Tester - I hit 10 % in my first sales period and 3 months later I hit 13%!
Debra and Oli Pusey
Dipal Jayanti - The greatest aspect of this business is that everyone in my upline is there to help with any challenges I come across.
Bonnie in her new £80000 Porsche 997 Cab 4
Andy and Gemma Marwood - Our best cheque to date is £2,438, Which is mega.
Stuart Chitty18 years old and on four wheels, Stuart has earned himself £831.99 in a four week period!
Gavin Scott - Cheque November 2009
Dean & Rachel Rothwell - We regularly earn in excess of £1700 every four weeks and our best cheque for a four week period is £2673.08!
Dianne and Stephen Park - Like many people we were being hit hard by the rising cost of living and had a number of debts, now we have a successful business in Kleeneze!
Adam Fawcett - I have gone from earning £200 in my first period to £845 in period 12 of 2009.
Steve and Dorothy Hanlon - Our 4 week income this year has averaged £1,400 per period with our best 4 weeks earned £1,940.
Tracey Payne and Harvey Kent - If we can earn £8,000 in just 12 weeks…just imagine what the future holds…
Peter and Jackie White -Take a look at Peter and Jackie White's latest cheque .. it's their best one ever! Thanks to their dedication in Kleeneze, they are truly reaping the rewards!
Wayne Francis - In period 12 I managed to hit 7.537.05 points with my team,which earned me Gold position plus a cheque of £2.764.22p for Xmas as well!
Gareth Harper and Jackie Franklyn - I know that I will see an absolutely monster Kleeneze cheque by this time next year!
Paul Towler - Kleeneze Retailer of the Year 2009
Sophie Bishop - I want to live my dreams and for money to work for me. Kleeneze is so much more than a catalogue, the results are rewarding, beneficial and worthwhile.
Tracy Sheehan - Our income now is around £3000 per month, but on top of this we have also been rewarded with 4 all expenses paid 5 star holidays in some of the worlds’ best hotels and resorts. 
Rob Senior - I Joined Kleeneze December 2009 and have just reached Silver Distributor level mid-February, my second full period!
Sharon Allert - In the last 4 weeks Ive earned in excess of £1580, have achieved both my 10% and 13% volume bonus!
Kleeneze African Adventure - Heather and James O'Neil - Kleeneze really has made so many of our dreams come true!! Look where we went on safari, it was the most amazing experience ever!!
Mick Staines - By the end of my first period my hard work had paid off and I achieved the 13% Bonus stage, plus I also made it onto Gavin Scotts Top Retailers list for Period 3 Week 3 2010… Fantastic!
Moira Latto - I have worked on the retail side of the business and was awarded Newcomer of the Year 2009.
Paul Tonkin - Paul moved 400 miles to become a top retailer! Read his story.
Deaf Kleeneze Team Story - Read this inspiring story.
Roy and Anne Anderson - At the end of our second four-week period we have once again hit the 13% bonus level for retailing over £1500!
Don Murphy - On one two kilometer cycle I dropped 18 catalogues and received 395 euro worth of orders from eight orders.
Anne and Michael Grieve
Brenda Vowles
Dave and Emma Horton
Debra and Oliver Pusey
Emma Paterson
Keith Whitehouse
Kim Keable
Lizze Christian
Rosanna and Ali
Sarah Webster
David and Jane Mousley - Our income has been earned in our spare time alongside our stressful full time jobs!
Roy and Marjorie Lacy - Our retail orders had been as high as £2,800 per month keeping back just 50 customers!
Toni and Lyn Macur - Our first period for part of the month was £399.10, after only 4 months our income rose to over £830!
Debbie and Mark Walsh - We have a fantastic team and we’re looking forward to celebrating their future successes. 
Willie McKenzie - Our first period for part of the month was £399.10, after only 4 months our income rose to over £830!
Lesley Higginbottom and Sabino Landa - If you want to change your life beyond all recognition or just earn a bit of extra money in your spare time, give this business some serious consideration.
Christine Longman - The support you get from the other team members in this group is fantastic, nothing is too much trouble for them & there is always some one to help and advise you.
Caroline Berry - I’ve gone from my day job earning £5.80 per hour to earning around £25.00 per hour!
Ruth Brown - This is my first monthly bonus cheque, and in addition I’ve had £250 start-up grant from the government!
Emma & Mark Mackelden - We were 18th overall in Gavin’s team in 2009 selling £51,173.53 of products ourselves!
Peter and Caren Neesham - Kleeneze has enabled us to do many things that other people couldn't do.
Kevin Devine & Michelle Parker - In our first 4 week period we had achieved our Fast Start Bonus 1 & 2 and reached 10% bonus level.
Steve and Alpha Stonelake - When we recesived our cheque and we had reached 13% and sales of over £2000!
Jonathan & Charli-Marie - When our first cheque came for £247.56 we were blown away!
Ruby & Rajan Karunakaran - We earned £1268 in the last 4 weeks alone, working less than 30 hours per week!
Steve Giergiel - This is our best Kleeneze cheque so far; which is not bad for a part time income on top of our normal wage!
Geoff and Maggie Shepherd - Our first cheque was £212.24 so we knew we had taken the right decision.
Jim and Jen Corby - We have reached Gold level and we will keep on charging!
Shane and Janet Hartley - We qualified for an all expenses paid trip to Cannes and we are looking forward to qualify for a dream holiday to Hong Kong.
Kevin Weller - I’m looking forward now to sharing this opportunity with others, if I can earn £238 in my first full month around school runs, running a house and running the discos anyone can.
Diana Rhodes - I have done 2 drops of books every week throughout the period, I achieved £1500 of sales in my first 4 weeks
Kate Joels and Andy Peay - We have had fantastic support from our upline and other people further up the line who have guided and supported us to where we are now.
Paul Melville - I saw the potential with this opportunity straight away and earned over £200 in my FIRST 2 WEEKS and after only 3 months, over £400 a month part time. 
Caroline Berry - My income has grown to, over £1000 increase in earnings and in addition I’ve reached the qualification criteria for a FREE 5*holiday of a lifetime to Hong Kong in November.
Lindsey Kelly - It’s been well worth the small investment in mine and my son’s future, the future looks great and the potential is unlimited.
Derek and Su Bannister - Our first 4 week cheque was for £404.83 for only 10 hours per week!!
John Webb and Kath Price - Our Kleeneze income varies between £3000 and £3500 every 4 weeks and has allowed both of us to give up our jobs.
Caroline and Jan Sochanik - I applied and was introduced to Kleeneze by Dave and Sheila Moss-Baker.
Since then we have been able to manage our lives.
Wendy Vickers - By the end of the period I had retailed over £1500.00 which earned me a bonus cheque and 10% and 13% level!
Paul Tonkin and Joanna Heeraman - This business is fantastic, where else could you earn this type of money, just for putting out some catalogues and building your own future. 
July-Ann Clarijs and Eshwar Singh -We were very surprised to get our investment back in one week and make a profit
Amanda Holland - Kleeneze is a friendly, fun and exciting business to be in, take a good look, ‘You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.’
Sharon Finigan - In my first six weeks I had smashed my goal of £200 and made a whopping £683.71!
Neil and Karen Young - In my first six weeks I had smashed my goal of £200 and made a whopping £683.71!
Jamie Ross - Within 4 months I had obtained a customer base of around 300 in and around my home.
Matt and Vicki Gill - We are so excited that at last we have found a business that we can do together and with our family.
Lesley Davies and Wendy Meddelton - We hadn’t really bargained for the complete life-changing opportunity that Kleeneze would offer.
Kym and Ricky Mackay - This business is a lot more than we initially thought and are very excited about what the future will bring us.
Kim and Karen Corfield - We have been impressed from the start at the openness of the company and everyone’s earnings are readily available for all to see.
Daniel and Michelle Marshall - The extra income from Kleeneze has allowed us to move from an ex-council, 3 bed mid terraced house to this 4 bed detached new build.
Lee and Michelle Pattinson - We have a fantastic team that we are so proud of who also have their own goals in life and we want to help them as much as we can.
Andy Fountaine - Having been on the Hong Kong conference,  I appreciate no other company offers what Kleeneze does.
Amanda Battye and Dave Reeves- Having been on the Hong Kong conference,  I appreciate no other company offers what Kleeneze does.
Anna Ellis - Having been on the Hong Kong conference,  I appreciate no other company offers what Kleeneze does.
Tim and Tina (Ex Plumber and wife) - Kleeneze has changed our lives and given us hope of a stable financial future in a very unstable world.
Dave Harvey We are now enjoying a part – time income that is higher than we ever dreamed of less than 12 months ago.
Katy Davies and Ryan Willows - Their 1st order qualified them for another 5 books for reaching £75 and 25 books for reaching £150 . Katy and Ryan were well pleased!
Lynsey ClarkeI started Kleeneze to help with some of my debts and to save for a holiday to Turkey in September.
Danielle Hickey Now with Kleeneze I can look forward to the future, making new friends and being able to afford some treats for the children.
Michaela and Mike Williams - I am looking forward to working to progress my Kleeneze Business, and am aiming high and am hoping to attend the New York Conference in November
Narissaa - Our next goal is to qualify for 13% this period, help my team member to do the same and hopefully to sponsor more people.
Tanya and Chris Howson - We are now looking forward to our freedom and future with our Kleeneze business.
David and Megan Saville - We have now started to build a team by sponsoring other distributors and are enjoying great success with Kleeneze.
Stephanie and Chris Cook - We are no longer working the rat-race 45 year plan, we are working OUR plan with Kleeneze.
Del Gisby - "Thankyou Kleeneze, you have given my life back!!"
Linda and Alan Cannings - I hope our story will inspire people to join this business and achieve the success that I have had.
Caroline LockwoodI can now see myself making a substantial income from this wonderful business, and helping other people to find a way to change their lives too.
Steve JessopI have learned the power of goals; having clearly defined, worthy and challenging goals creates focus, energy and passion.
Stephen Evans - I was impressed how easy it is to get orders with Kleeneze so I could focus on rapport with customers. I sold over £350 worth without really looking in the catalogues to see what was there!
John Webb and Kath Price - The great thing about Kleeneze is that you can literally dictate your own income.
Dean and Flora CopsonWe have steadily built up our team whilst working over 100 hours a week between us in very demanding roles and bringing up our daughter Anna.
Keith and Shem WebsterOur Part Time Income for the first four weeks from Kleeneze was £467.89, MARVELLOUS.
Peter Allan - The business keeps getting better and better. I have found the help and support to be excellent.
Sandy Grey - It is so amazing to find such a wonderful and genuine opportunity like Kleeneze; I call it my acre of diamonds.
Claire Smith - Joining Kleeneze was the best decision decision of our lives.
Neil and Karen YoungKleeneze gives me the flexibility to work at my own pace, when I want to, in my own time.
Maria and Paul BowersKleeneze now lets me do things with the kids that I was missing out on while working 12/14 hour days plumbing.
Daniel DaviesI'd never heard of Kleeneze before but liked what I saw and got started with 200 catalogues for less than £150!! At the end of my first month I earned £279.
Phil and Kerris TorkingtonSince joining Kleeneze I feel we have gained more than an extra income we have gained the potential for an unrestricted income.
Marian Goodwin - With the help and support of a fantastic team and family, I reached Gold Distributor within my first year!
Daniel Davies - Kleeneze Period 7 2011 Top Sponsor
Ian and Lorraine Balcombe - We now have a terrific future lying ahead of us with Kleeneze. It has turned out to be everything we’d hoped for, and more!!
Mike and Renata Turner - With the help of the team we have already sponsored, income has grown to ₤ 756, and still going
Anne Ashley - This is a fantastic opportunity to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself with a superb support team only a phone call away!
Andy and Amanda Holland - It is a friendly, fun and exciting business to be in, take a good look, ‘You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.’
Vikki and Bernie Titterrell - We have now started to build a team with the ultimate goal of me being able to give up my job.
Eunan Connolly & Stephanie Barry - We have built a substantial customer base from home, which gives a regular additional income every month.
Alan and Katy Threlfall - Whatever you want from Kleeneze whether it’s money, holidays, cars or like us you want the time freedom to be there for your children, you can have it.
Peter Robinson - I have had a good reaction from my customers and think I can build a serious business to send my kids to University and buy us a home in Ireland. 
Steve Jessop - I have met the most extraordinary and enthusiastic people I’ve ever met and made a lot of new friends in Kleeneze.
Michelle Greenwood - There are many similiar companies but Kleeneze seemed to stand out from the rest.
Daphne Fermoyle and John Davies - The support we have received has been amazing we couldn't have wished for more support to help us grow our business What an amazing business!!
Mike BernieKleeneze has changed my life for the better. Let it change yours.
Dean and Flora CopsonWith a bit of hard work and determination any one can succeed with Kleeneze.
Neil and Karen YoungFollow your dreams.  Do not settle for an average life; take confident steps towards your goals for as long as it takes.
Richard and Lynn KentIn November we personally retailed £7261 and achieved our £1000 pay rise!
Harvey Payne and Tracey Kent Latest Cheque!We are so excited about our future with Kleeneze...We can help you to secure yours for yourself too!
Paul and Diane Skivington - The help & support has been fantastic. We are really excited about the future. This business works….if you do!
Teresa and Bryony - With a 14 day Money Back Guarantee you really do - have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
Angela Fitzgerald and Peter Slinger - Our Kleeneze business has grown from strength to strength and it is the best decision we have ever made.
Derrick and Maria Longwright - We worked hard to build an alternative future with Kleeneze, and after a year Maria was able to leave her job too.
Leah Hunt - In my first period I achieved the Fast Start Bonus and 10% bonus level. My cheque was for €402.53!
Neil Hawkes and Rose Lloyd - We are so grateful to Kleeneze for this opportunity and we now know we will not have to rely on anyone else to build ourselves a great future.
Vanessa Williams - With my own team, a newer car, heading for GOLD and a secure future for my daughter and myself.
Jon Wendt and barry Rathbone - We made 21% this month and our success with Kleeneze is assured.
Dave and Brenda Hullah - New Kleeneze Senior Distributors.
Richard and Karen Wheatley - A new Kleeneze Gold Story.
John and Nikki Clancy - Not only did we earn extra cash in our very first month but also recieved a bonus as we have just reached the "bonus" stage of our second month too.
Dave and Louise Wilson - The Kleeneze opportunity gives us the flexibility to work the hours we want to and to spend quality time with the family when we want to.
Lauren Nell - I’m loving the business and look forward to my future with Kleeneze in the years ahead.
Kurt Miller Top Kleeneze Sponsor Period 6 2012
Abby Allgood - Below are my last two consecutive cheques showing a one thousand pounds pay rise in just four weeks!
Manuka Wonder Rub - Everyone should have this amazing Manuka WonderRub in their first aid cabinet and tell everyone about it!
Sue Phoenix Youth Serum Story - Read about Sue's fantastic results after using Kleeneze's incredible Pro Youth Serum.
Laine Shepherd eZeParty Story - I can earn £35 for just a couple hours "work" and I love the freedom of being my own boss.
Vanessa and Mark Hodgkinson Top Kleeneze Retailers Period 7 - 2012
Peter and Myrna Wellocks new Mercedes from Kleeneze income
Richard and Karen Wheatley - Take a look at the success and cheques that Richard and Karen Wheatley have earned with Kleeneze!
Darryll Evans - My goal is to qualify as a Gold Distributor and achieve Dubai in November 2013, and I know I will accomplish this as this business is just amazing and my monthly income grows more each month.
Juliet PutterI started Kleeneze in April 2012, I wanted a job that I could work in my own time, as I suffer with varies illnesses and would not be able to hold down a regular job.
Luke and Neil Newman Amazing support from our sponsor Neil and his Upline Tracey Payne and Harvey Kent and of course Kleeneze HQ.
Paul and Tina GordonPaul joined Kleeneze in May 2010 after quitting his stressful Management role in a Brewery for a job on the shop floor working shifts.
Richard and Tracey FordWe believe that if we keep focused and refuse to give in then Kleeneze will support our family.
Tony Webb and Denise BoltWe look forward to growing our business as  we carry on with day to day living at a pace that suits our lifestyle.
Malcolm Readman - Malcolm has become a success in the Kleeneze business which he started for hid kids.
Martyn Collas - Martyn gave up his full time IT job to work in Kleeneze and is building a business that really works.
Lorraine Boden - Kleeneze really worked for us and it can work for you too!
Debra and Oli Pusey - Debra and Oli Pusey new Kleeneze Gold Cheque
Andy and Danielle Nicoll - Andy and Danielle Nicoll new Kleeneze Gold Cheque
Robert and Marlene Somerville - Their Kleeneze story
Anne Boulton New Kleeneze 10 percent
Jamie Taylor New Kleeneze 13 percent
Martin Jelly New Kleeneze 10 percent
Sohail Ahmed New P5 2013 Top Retailer
Kevin Rider - Top Kleeneze PSG period 5 2013
Kleeneze 10 New Opportunities
David Miller - New Kleeneze 21 percent p5 2013
New Kleeneze Plus catalogue - 2013
Alison and Paul Taylor - Best Kleeneze cheque so far.
Gemma Marritt - Gemma's story about her success in the business
Drew Ketchen - New Kleeneze 15 percent
Andy Nicoll - New Kleeneze Gold story
New Opportunity leaflet - May 2013
Branwen Howard-Brown - Take a look at her latest Kleeneze cheque.
Sue Gammage - Sue is doing very well, take a look at her latest Kleeneze cheque.
Bob Webb - Bob shows off his new Kleeneze toy, a brand new Infinity M3.0 DS!
Chris and Sarah Burras - Chris and Sarah have made a great team in Kleeneze and are enjoying the success.
Alex Rea - Alex is enjoying building his Kleeneze income and is going places in the business.
Linda Holmes and Dave Trickett - Linda and Dave are pushing forward in their business and are earning an ever growing Kleeneze income.
Monica Floding -  Monica has built her business and developed a useful monthly income.
Scott and Kim Keable - Scott and Kim have been working hard and are enjoying the success they deserve.
Wendy Vickers - Wendy Vickers earned £2,743 from Kleeneze an amazing income for 4 weeks especially as Mum who was in and out of hospital.
Lynn Cousins - Lynn made Kleenee Gold in June 2013, and is enjoying great success in the business.
Jon and Jules Kendrick - Jon was working extremely long hours in a very physical job and with my job as a full time office administrator
Steve and Justine Gergiel - From July 2012 I decided to build my Kleeneze business to the max, and we are now looking for like minded individuals that want to dump the rat race.
Travis Askew - I know this business works.  I know the catalogues do the selling and my aim is to be on £3000+ a month.
Neil Henderson - Neil just hit 13% and has just recieved his largest cheque so far.
Chris and Hayley Nash - This couple are really going places having just started with Kleeneze and earned over £250 in their first month.
Graham and Stacey Holroyd - In their first 4 week period Graham and Stacey earned over £300 by working short part time hours.
Michaela and Mike Williams - In our first month we earned £908, hit the 18% Bonus Level and sponsored a family member and a friend.
Helen White - Helen is excited about Kleeneze and is determined to make a life changing difference for her family with a business that is a proven success.
Steph Tompsett - In November 2012 I became a GOLD distributor with the help of a small team of distributors.
Mark and Heather Gordon - We believe that Kleeneze is our way out of the rat race and have already developed a useful income working a few hours a week.
Daphne Simpson - Apart from the financial rewards I love the freedom and flexibility Kleeneze gives you.
Glenn Sealey - Friends the business is out there, all we have to do is go and get it!
Patricia Weldon - I can guarantee Kleeneze will change your life if you want it to.
Claire Clarke - I am meeting lots of new people in the business and LOVE it!
David Hunter -  The support and encouragement within the team especially from Debra and Oliver Pusey helped me to achieve the 30 day challenge.
Tracey Payne and Harvey Kent - Tracey and  Harvey are going from strength to strength in the business. Read their story.
Adele Palmer -  In 5 years time my salary will be bigger than I could ever have imagined.
Sarah Syddall and Jason Page - We just keep working hard and building our team and customer base, which now stands at around 280 customers in just 7 months.
Charly - We are so happy to have been introduced to Kleeneze and can’t wait to build our business more and achieve our goals we have set.
Veronica Hulme - Veronica has soared up in her first month and turned over £1200 on her own with a useful Kleeneze cheque in the bag!
Sohail Ahmed - Top retail sponsor period 9 2013.
Julie Hemingway
Karen Boardman
Robert and Marlene Somerville
Sam and Phil Smith
Glen and Paul
Linda Page
Rachel Foster
Rowan and Victoria Sweet
Sarah Syddall and Jason Page
Steve Parker
Clare Lambert
Richard Daniels - This Prison officer worked Kleeneze around his full time job and is earning a growing income.
Linda Pollard - Ex dry ski slope instructor and reflexologist has found a business she loves. Kleeneze! Read about her journey into the business.
Teresa and Finbarr McCarthy - Due to illness Teresa switched to Kleeneze from her corporate job and with her husband now earns £2000 a month and is growing her business.
Joanne Todd - Having experienced a very god response to her efforts in Kleeneze, Joanne received a large order after being in the business only a short while.
Danielle Butterworth - Having started to supplement their usual income, Danielle has worked on foot in part time hours to generate a very useful additional income.
Caroline Moore - This is a fine example of how someone who is a bit older can do extremely well in Kleeneze while working from the comfort of home.
Gary Watson - Gary's new Kleeneze story is a real gem and shows how he made himself wealthy by working hard with Kleeneze.

Michelle Grainger - Michelle Grainger joined Kleeneze to build a business and a useful extra income.
Paul and Julie Lamb - This couple have gone from strength to strength and are moving forward every month in the business.
Jai Sharma - Jai is a fine example of how someone can make the business work  for them,whether it is part of full time.
Bridget Elrick - Bridget started Kleeneze with a view to earn an extra income which she did easily in the first month alone.
Michelle Grainger - Michelle is enjoying the business and putting her skills to work as a Kleeneze distributor with the rewards increasing each month.
Tracey Giles - Tracey has earned a substatntial income and wants to build her business in the future.
Claire Stone - Claire is running her business part-time and enjoying working in an extra income around her full-time job.
Darren Lorimer - Darren has done a great job with his Kleeneze business and is clearly moving forwards with a secure future ahead.
Carl Robertson New Kleeneze 13% Story
Gunta Friedenfeld and Alex Deas Top Retailers Period 9 2014
Beryl Wynter Top Sponsor Period 9
Debra Pusey Top PSG Period 9
Barry & Glynys Broad New 10%
Marie Souphakhet
Kirsty Nunn
Andy Reid
Robert Herbert
Stuart and Louise McGough
Rebecca Armstrong
Peter and Angela Abrahams
Keith Allingham 1st Cheque
Kay Peaker and Ricky Walton
Tijani Yusoof
Lorraine and Matthow Boden
Carol and Wayne
Antony Smith and Lisa Blunt
Kevin Addison
Kirsty Porteous
Steve and Louise McGough
Rebecca Thompson

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